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Smoky Mountain Cabin Decor For Cabin Buyers

When People Look for a Gatlinburg cabin for sale pictures come first

When people look for a cabin for sale in Gatlinburg or to rent, the first first item they look at are the pictures on line.  Having the "cabin Feel" and "look" are considered  as key elements in buying the log cabin for sale in Smoky Mountains.  First impressions determine whether they will rent that particular Gatlinburg log cabin or look for another one perhaps a swimming pool cabin in Pigeon Forge.   The same principal also applies to buyers when they look at cabins in Gatlinburg TN for sale.   If the log cabin for sale in Gatlinburg does not appeal to them they will look at a cabin for sale in Pigeon Forge.   A good decor creates a very strong image and high demand for the log cabin in Gatlinburg.  

A Log Cabin For sale Gatlinburg TN Case Study

The video above is of  a three bedroom 3 bath room Smoky Mountain Cabin located in Sky Harbor know as "Gentlemen Jack" the Gatlinburg Log Cabin was purchased for sale for $450,000 and the new owners put approximately $20,000 in cabin decor upgrades.  For the 12 months ended September 2021 the took in a whopping $95,195 in gross rental income.   This is as much as many 4 and 5  bedroom log cabins in the   Smoky Mountains take in.   When the cabin for sale Smoky Mountains was sold in 2021; it brought $740,000 with a cash buyer and a multitude of offers for sellers to pick through.  This log cabin for sale TN is a 3 bedroom cabin located in Sky Harbor with no view.  This makes you wonder what a Pigeon Forge cabin  for sale in Wears Valley with good views and similar decor would sell for and what the gross rental income would be? 

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Where To Find Smoky Mountain Log Cabin                               Decor  

Cabin decor includes such items as furniture, bedspreads, photographs, light fixtures
and bear theme items.   They can be purchases on line from many firms including: 
Black Forest    Cabin Place  Cabin Shack   Locally Smoky's furniture in Wears Valley has a great selection of Smoky Mountain log cabin furniture.     

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Bear Proof Trash Cans

Bear Proof Trash Cans are are very important piece of decor for any homes for sale Pigeon Forge TN
Food attracts bears  and unfortunately they will go into trash cans.   Human Food can kill bears. The bears when going after the trash for food can also perceive you as food.   I strongly suggest using Bear Proof  Trash Cans.  It can save both your and the bears life.  The brand I found to be the best overall is Bear Proof Trash Cans it is very affordable, durable and you  can have bear emblem put on the front. The are an approved Bear Proof Trash can vendor for TWRA and the City Of Gatlinburg.  This link is designed to help you if you  come in contact with a Bear,  Bear Safety and Trash