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How Much Does A Gatlinburg Cabin Cost

Some of Popular Resorts

Chalet Village Resort   Chalet Village is the oldest cabin resort and was started in 1972.   Many of the cabins were rebuilt between 2019 and 2021.   When you think of a Gatlinburg Cabin these cabins usually come to mind.

Starr Crest Resort  This resort has 145 cabins and nice views. It is 10 minutes from Pigeon Forge.

Eagles Ridge Resort   This resort has 185 cabins and is 1 mile from the Parkway.

Sherwood Forest Resort  This resort is between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.  Some of the newer cabins have a pool in the basement.  It is a gated community. 

Shagbark   Shagbark has over 800 lots. It has a gate and a manned guard house.  It has nice views and is secluded but only 10 minutes to Pigeon Forge.  Some roads are not paved.

The Summit  The Summit is over 500 acres.  It has an elevation in excess of 3,000 feet.  It is 5 minutes to Pigeon Forge. The average lot is 1.97 acres.

Gatlinburg Falls Resort  Gatlinburg Falls has three sections. All are close together but not adjoining.  It was ranked by Southern Living Magazine as the Number 1 Family Resort.

Prices below are actual sales for 3 bedroom 3 bathroom or most similar.  I strongly recommend buying a minimum of 3 bedroom 3 bathrooms.

Subdivision Name     Number Bedrooms  Number Bathrooms   SQ FT    Price SQ   Sale Price

Chalet Village     3                     3                        1,881   $318      $600,000
Starr Crest         3                     3                        2,219   $336      $744,000
Eagles Ridge      3                     3                        1,675   $289      $485,000 
Sherwood Fore   4                     3  1/2                 2,942    $274      $806,600
Shagbark           3                     3                        2,080    $221      $460,000
The Summit       3                     3 1/2                  3,700    $310   $1,150,000
Gatlinburg Fall    3                     3                       2,106     $313     $750,000 

Cost To Buy A Smoky Mountain Log Cabin

A Nice Gatlinburg Log cabin

A Nice Gatlinburg Log cabin

There Are Many Factors That Affect Value

There Are Many factors That Affect Value.

  • Proximity to attractions in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge
  • Proximity to the Parkway
  • Amenities in the cabin be it an indoor swimming pool or video game  
  • Condition of the cabin
  • Square footage of the cabin
  • Numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Views 

These Are Some of The More Popular Resorts