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Your Foreclosure Loan Referrals

                                      Financing Your Dream Home
We have found your dream home, but what loan type and title company is best?
  • Not all lenders  do all loan types.
  • In a bank owned property, if you use the bank's title company in many cases the bank will pay for the title insurance.
  • On HUD Homes if you bid over the value HUD assigned not including repairs you have to pay the "excess" in cash otherwise it is $1000 down plus closing costs for FHA Financing.
  •  On Fannie Mae Reverse Mortgage Foreclosures, HUD guidelines will not let you roll the closing costs into the contract.
  • However, on Fannie Mae including Reverse Mortgage please see the above statement regarding title company choice.  

A list of Lenders Who Finance Foreclosures

Fannie Mae HomepathFannie Mae Homepath

Mortgage Investors Group Mortgage Investors Group

Debbie ScarantinoDebbie Scarantino

Elizabeth Gibson Bay EquityElizabeth Gibson Bay Equity